Mapping Your Content and Digital Strategy Through the Buyer's Journey | taught by Maria Bereket
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Course Curriculum

Getting Started with Social Media Team Training
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New Team Training Get Started Documents
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BONUS: Annual Planning: Content Calendar Overview & Set Up
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Bonus: Sample Social Media/Internet Policy
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Collaborating with Trello
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$600.00 / month
Social Media Team Training Program (1-6 team members) 3 month min Pan
$500.00 / month
Social Media Team Training Program (1-6 team members) 6 months min plan + 1 mo FREE

Course description

Digital Marketing Strategy is the only way a small business can survive in this digital information world.  Learning how to setup, structure, write content, post, and organize your business for the best social media/inbound strategy can save you thousands of marketing dollars.  If you can learn how to do this then you can do anything!

This team training meets once a week.  We follow a specific plan for your goals and team challenges.  It is recorded and reviewed.  You are not alone in this process.  And it works.

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Maria  Bereket
Maria Bereket
Social Media Marketing Leader | Consultant & Trainer | Small Business and Education Program Trainer | LinkedIn Expert

Maria Bereket is a Digital Media Marketing Consultant and Coach for Small Businesses, a LinkedIn Career Strategist, and an entertaining Social Media Trainer.  Maria is an Economist, researcher, trend hunter, small business advocate, early childhood activist, and a passionate digital marketing strategist.  She has been in the marketing game for many years and knows all too well what life was like back when the Yellow Pages were so powerful that they could be used as a booster chair, but her digital/social media marketing knowledge is what sets her apart...because Maria knows how to bridge the digital divide in your business, team skills, and workplace chaos. 

Her experience spans the days of Yellow Pages ads to an intense love of all things digital, fast, furious, and social! With her experience comes a passion to help small businesses bridge the digital divide that is destroying the real main streets across America. With simplicity in mind, Maria has been teaching small and medium businesses how to find their voice and place in the digital marketing landscape through a simple and essential training system that can help any business stand out in this noisy digital world.  Sure, its overpowering at times, but if you stick with the plan, your journey to the other side of the digital divide will be a most memorable experience!

Middle Skills Digital Marketing Programs for Community Organizations: Maria Bereket has developed an 8-Week training course for community organizations to offer to their members who need to learn the digital skills necessary to gain better employment or start their own Digital Marketing Business.  

This program is perfect for low-income communities who need to empower their youth with the tools and direction they need to help their community and build their own home-based social media marketing business.  It is also ideal for anyone caught on the wrong side of the digital divide in their career.  Learning the skills of the 21st Century Digital Age is just what they need to stand out and enhance their career.

 Connect @mbear88 or email her at if you are looking for an INBOUND MARKETING STRATEGY that works!